Will you be mine?

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Roses, chocolate, Hallmark, hearts, jewelry all things people associate with Valentine’s day while others say anxiety, rejection, let downs.  No matter what your personal relationship is with valentine’s day, I think most people have an emotion related to this day.  I grew up in Denmark and we didn’t celebrate it (it has since become popular there), so for me the concept was something to learn and adapt too.  I think the idea behind this is wonderful –celebrate the important people in your life and make them feel special.

So, what does that have to do with your interiors? Well it can mean a lot – why not show your home a little love and at the same time create a space that makes you happy to spend time there.  There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to renew and refresh each room of your house and even the smallest thing can change how a room looks and feels; new hand towels for the quest bath, a fun container for the kitchen, a few decorative pillows for the bedroom and don’t forget the exterior – creative planters, a fun colorful outdoor area rug.

Color is a fun way to easily change your home to reflect the season, a specific holiday or celebration and you don’t have to paint the whole house. A bouquet of beautiful flowers brightens up the room and brings the outdoors in and why not a bunch of red roses for your loved one.  A glass jar filled with red and white candy, a colorful throw across the armrest of a chair, sofa, or the ottoman shows personality and can keep you warm and finish of with some fragrant candles to set the mood for a nice romantic evening.

Let your imagination soar and I’m sure you quickly see how these simple changes have a wonderful impact!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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