Indoor and Outdoor Solar Screen Shades – Block the heat not the view!

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Feeling the heat?  If you live in Arizona like me, you are almost certainly aware that in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area we have had an above average number of days over 110-degree, as a matter of fact according to Channel 12 Weather (7/16/16) we have had 20 days so far which is 2 above average and we still have all of August left which means we could get to double our average of 18 days.

So what do you do to keep cool and still let in the light without breaking the bank on your A/C bill?

Solar Screen Shades  – to the rescue:

Solar screen shade fabrics are designed and woven to very precise standards to control light without eliminating it and

  • Block up to 99% of harmful ultra-violet rays
  • Reduce glare and increase visual comfort
  • High performance sun shades block heat and keep your home cool


There are basically two kinds:


Solar Screens:

This type is typically constructed with a metal frame to match the entire surface of the window and the fabric is stretched across. It is installed directly to the exterior of the window with clips that allow for removal when washing the windows.


Solar Screen Roller Shades:

This type is more versatile.  They can be installed both indoors and outdoors, easily rolled out of sight, does not need to be install directly by the windows but can be installed between patio posts to extend coverage of your outdoor space. There is an ever expanding choices of fabric color and texture selection that is sure to compliment your home.

The Solar Screen Roller Shades can be raised or lowered manually with various lift systems or it can be as easily as with a touch of a button. Adding motorization to your shades allows for easy operation and the ability to program for preset times or functions.

Interior Solar shade by Horizon Window Fashions
Interior Solar shade by Horizon Window Fashions

Kina Design, LLC is proud to offer both indoor and outdoor Solar Screen Roller Shades in an extensive selection of fabric choices with both manual and motorized operation options.

Please contact us to for more information.

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