Else Johnson, Owner Kina Design, LLC


I'm so glad you’re here.  My name is Else Søgaard Johnson, owner and founder of Kina Design, LLC.  I grew up in a very small village on the North Western part of Funen, Denmark.  Growing up, we didn’t have 24 hour TV or internet so we had to find ways to entertain ourselves and we were quite creative.  One of my great memories, was when my sister and I, convinced a boy scout troop, collecting metal for scrap value, to exchange our fire damaged piano with an old Singer pedal sewing machine already on their truck.  Our basement was promptly transformed into a high fashion design studio for Barbie clothes.  My passion for design was born!!

I took a detour in the financial world with a degree in finance and jobs within the banking industry.  I met my husband (an American) in 1989 and he whisked me way on another wonderful adventure that included living in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Shanghai (China), and  Copenhagen (Denmark).

In 1998, I found my way back to my passion for textiles and design and founded, Kina Design, a Shop-at-Home interior design service specializing in custom window treatment, including Blinds, Shutters, Shades, soft home furnishings including fabric, trim & Hardware, Pillows and Cushions, Custom Bedding, Upholstered headboards and Custom Upholstery, color schemes, and so much more.

Kina, a Danish word meaning “China”, reflecting my experience and design sense gained from my Scandinavian heritage and time in China.

I am still very passionate about design, textiles and  colors and have continued to enhance my skills since those early childhood days in the basement through industry certifications programs and workshops offered by various organizations and manufacturer within the Soft Home Furnishing Industry. This continued education, my background in the financial field, and my resourcefulness gained as a child provides me an ability to create unique custom solutions within my client’s budget.

I would be honored for the opportunity to work with you on your next project


Else Søgaard Johnson


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